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EDITORIAL                            JOURNAL Vol. 13, No. 2



This journal is intended to provide a forum for the dissemination of research findings and reports on curriculum development, implementation and renewal. In developing a curriculum, it is often necessary to use the experiences of the past and the current demands and practices within and outside the system to design a desirable educational programme. In that wise, problems and issues in comparative educational become very relevant, so also are the issues relating to the orientation and re-training of teachers.

            Articles which present the result of educational research, discuss theoretical framework for innovation in education or advocate new ideas are welcome. The journal accepts articles from workers in all related fields of study from anywhere in the world. Particular interest will be shown in the following areas:

  • Curriculum content and learning experience

  • Teachers preparation and re-orientation

  • Teaching methods and teachers effectiveness

  • Educational foundation

  • Comparative education

  • New structure and operational patterns in Pre-university education

  • Learners achievement and programme evaluation

  • Quality assurance, information communication technology (ICT).


EDITORIAL                            JOURNAL Vol. 13, No. 2


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